Care, Cleaning & Storing Of Sterling Silver

Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Ring

  Treat Your Fine Quality Sterling Silver Pieces Well… & It Will Outlast You.

Here are some handy tips…

Look for the fineness mark .925 on the underside of sterling silver pieces that ensure the quality.

Proper storage of .925 jewelry and gift items goes a long way toward preserving its shine and preventing oxidation that can cause dullness and discoloration.

Minimize scratches and other damage, by storing your .925 pieces in individual cloth pouches, small zip-lock bags or in separate compartments in your jewelry box.

Avoid keeping jewelry boxes in the bathroom, as the warm moist air can compromise the brilliance of your sterling silver.

Exposing your jewelry to household chemicals like bleach and ammonia, or chlorinated water can damage it. Rather stick to the rule: “No Swim No Gym” and take jewellery off before doing household cleaning and exercise.

Over time, dirt, makeup residue, and skin oils can build up on the surface of your .925 pieces, that can cause the metal to become dull and cloudy. The best way to prevent this is to clean your pieces regularly. Clean your jewellery with a mild soap – a couple drops of dish washing liquid – in warm water, rubbing over the surface of the metal with your fingers. Allow the water to drip off and pat dry with a soft cloth. You can find silver polish or cleaning solutions and polish cloths which is best to remove stubborn dirt and tarnish at jewelry shops.

Although wearing your .925 jewellery is often the best way to prevent tarnish, regular cleaning will keep it bright and shiny.

Love It, Wear It, Enjoy It & Cherish It…

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