Welcome to my creative space 

You don’t buy jewellery or accessories just because it’s pretty… it’s so much more than just bling. Your jewellery symbolizes an emotional connection; it’s love in a material form. Your accessories serve as little reminders… tells stories… and starts conversations. And if you love surprising those close to you with similar meaningful gifts, you found the right place.

All the Blink Idees creative magic happens in my studio in Brackenfell, a suburb of Cape Town. I don’t just make jewellery and accessories. I specialize in creating keepsakes out of Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper and Aluminium; memories and small treasures that can be cherished for a lifetime.
Creating with metal is my passion. The feeling of my tools in my hands as a new piece comes to life is magic. I learned that connecting with customers is what motivates me to be more creative… they inspire me to grow as an artist. My work includes original sterling silver jewellery, hand stamped designs with messages, and some whimsical steampunk pieces.
I fell in love with sheet metal in 2007 when I started incorporating embossed Pewter into my paintings. I stopped painting soon thereafter and metal including copper and brass – became my primary medium. I like to experiment with different textures on metal and I make use of etching and embossing techniques to achieve unique and interesting results. Over time my creativity evolved, and I am now also working with sterling silver using traditional metalsmith techniques like melting and forging the metal.
From November 2014 to early 2016 I wrote a book on embossing techniques and specific applications for textured metal.  I collaborated with 2 equally passionate and talented women and in June 2016 Metz Press published the book under the title “Mad About Metal” in English and “Mal Oor Metaal” in Afrikaans. During 2018 a New York based publisher – Skyhorse published the book internationally and it is still available on Amazon.

Thank you so much for supporting by brand and allowing me to live my dream.


By the way: Blink Idees is Afrikaans for “Shiny Ideas”.