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I’m sure you’ve been fascinated with mermaids at some stage, perhaps as a little girl or maybe even more so as an adult – like me. Depending on your generation you surely remember movies like ‘Splash’ or ‘Aquamarine’ or ‘The Shape Of Water’ – my personal favorite – and of course the numerous adaptations of ‘Little Mermaid’ which stimulated your vivid imagination for some time.

Aquamarine was said to be the treasure of mermaids… a gem that was given to sailors as a promise of good luck while out on the sea and to ensure a safe voyage.

Aquamarine is also the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in March. It symbolizes youth, health and hope. Echoing the hues of the ocean, its mesmerizing range of colours from pale to deep blue creates beautiful accents to a summer wardrobe… with perfect timing right now.

Birthstone Jewellery

There are charms, earrings, pendants and bracelets available in my range of birthstone jewellery pieces. All the settings and chains are sterling silver and prices range from R230 to R750 depending on the stone and the setting.

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